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Mental Health America of Northwest Indiana builds its programming on a foundation of prevention and empowerment of vulnerable individuals and families. Our programs promote positive mental health and overall well-being through the support and enrichment of children and families. All programming is available in both English and Spanish.


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Healthy Families

healthy familiesHealthy Families is a nationally-recognized, evidence-based home visiting program promoting positive parenting interactions and child development in vulnerable families with children age 0-3.  It is the largest evidence-based home visitation program in Lake County and the United States. To learn more about this beneficial program visit our Healthy Families page.

To connect with Healthy Families call Amber at 219.736.4955 x206 or email info@mhalakecounty.org.


Parents as Teachers

parents as teacherAll Mental Health America of Northwest Indiana home visiting programs use the evidence-based Parents as Teachers curriculum to deliver the latest development-centered parenting information. The program model embraces the assumption that the child’s home is the first and most influential learning model.

The earliest years of a child’s life are critical for optimal development and provide the foundation for success in school and life. Working with parents of very young children is an opportunity to promote children’s readiness for school and set children on the path for school and life success.

To connect with Parents as Teachers call Vickie at 219.736.4955 x118 or email info@mhalakecounty.org.


Empowering Teens and Parents

EtapEmpowering Teens as Parents fosters knowledge and confidence in pregnant and parenting teens to enhance the physical and emotional well-being of their young children, ages 0-5. The program is designed to provide intensive one-on-one support to empower young families to overcome significant barriers to family wellness and personal achievement.  Credentialed parent educators work with teens to increase parent knowledge about child health and development, promote healthy behaviors for improved pregnancy outcomes, and to prevent subsequent pregnancies.

Crucial to the success of the program is our strong partnership with schools which allows for engagement of teens in a lunch and learn format covering a variety of parenting issues aimed at promoting knowledge of positive parenting practices, an understanding of child development, an increase in parental confidence, a reduction in subsequent teen births and adverse childhood experiences. The program also focuses on the on topics important to teen parents today, i.e. finishing school, applying to colleges or trade schools, and seeking employment.  

To connect with Empowering Teens as Parents call Vickie at 219.736.4955 x118 or email info@mhalakecounty.org.


Ready to Soar

Ready to SoarReady to Soar is a school readiness program for incoming kindergarten children, parents, and schools, providing school- and home-based services including proven screenings and individualized parent consultation and workshops.

To connect with Ready to Soar call Michelle at 219.228.2572 or msmith@mhalakecounty.org


Parents' Village

Parents' VillageParents' Village is an online community offering articles and videos on the latest early childhood developmental research and parenting practices, as well as an interactive component allowing subscribers to post questions or schedule a virtual one-on-one consultation.

To connect with Parents’ Village call Michelle at 219.228.2572 or msmith@mhalakecounty.org


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Infant Safe Sleep

infant safe sleep

Mental Health America of Northwest Indiana’s Infant Safe Sleep program was introduced in 2007, in response to the increase in child fatalities due to positional asphyxiation throughout the state.  The infant safety risk continues to plague our community, as one cause of infant mortality. Lake County has significantly higher rates of infant mortality than its neighboring counties, and Indiana ranks fifth nationally for infant mortality. MHA’s infant safe sleep program promotes safe sleep practices to vulnerable families to reduce the incidence of SIDS. Participants complete safe sleep educational training and receive a portable pack ‘n play, with infant insert, for baby to sleep in until the age of one.

To find out if you qualify or to refer someone to the infant safe sleep program call Carol at 219.736.4955 x108 or email info@mhalakecounty.org.


Early Start

Early StartEarly Start is a no-cost, voluntary prenatal care program designed to help women get the support and services they need to have a healthier me and baby-to-be.

To connect with Early Start call Sibo at 219.937.7733 x224 or sllano@mhalakecounty.org.


Baby & Me - Tobacco Free

Baby and MeBaby & Me - Tobacco Free is a nationally-recognized, incentive-based smoking cessation program designed to encourage and support pregnant women to quit smoking prior to delivery of their new baby and to remain smoke free.

To connect with Baby & Me Tobacco Free call Vickie at 219.736.4955 x118 or vrainwater@mhalakecounty.org


I’m Thumbody Special

thumbody specialI’m Thumbody Special is a self-esteem program presented to 3rd grade students in classroom settings throughout Lake County.  The thumbprint was chosen as the unifying theme as it represents the uniqueness of each individual. The program stimulates the development of self-confidence and helps students learn to accept and value difference among themselves, which leads to better impulse control and a reduction in conflicts.  Building a strong sense of self-worth through the I’m Thumbody Special program empowers the growing child to reject destructive behavior and embrace diversity and community.

To schedule a presentation at your school contact Marie at 219.736.4955 x113 or email info@mhalakecounty.org.


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