Healthy Families

healthy familiesWhat is Healthy Families?

Nothing transforms a family like a new baby.  But parenting is a very demanding job for both moms and dads. Healthy Families is a free, voluntary, in-home family support program designed to promote the best family foundation and the best start for your new baby. Services can begin before baby arrives or before the baby turns 3 months and can continue until baby turns 3 years old.  


Our specially-trained home visitor will:

  • answer questions about how baby grows and develops;
  • offer the latest parenting techniques and advice on meeting challenges;
  • help families reduce stress and worries by linking parents to concrete supports such as employment and housing assistance, food pantries, health care, and more;
  • provide fun activities for the family through playgroups and special events; and
  • empower parents to meet their life goals.


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How Can I Get Started?

MHA of Lake County has offered Healthy Families services to Lake County parents for more than 15 years. Families can learn more by scheduling a visit before baby arrives or until baby is 3 months old. Call (219) 937-7733 ext. 206 and tell our caring staff that you want to learn if Healthy Families is the right program for you and your baby. Services are available in English and Spanish. For Healthy Families services in Pulaski County call Sherry at (574) 946-6017.



What's the Family Depot?

Families enrolled in our program can earn Baby Bucks each visit and shop at our Family Depot. The Depot is offered throughout the year with items such gift cards, diapers, baby wipes, strollers, car seats, high chairs, learning toys, and personal care items for you and your child.  

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